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 Scylla Magda – Selected Community & Public Artworks 2016 – 2020 :

The Owl & The Pussy Cat. Mosaics & Mandalas. Dr.Seuss Flower. Autumn Reflections. Tree Dressing & Projections. Circle of The Year. Grass Mosaic. Handsworth Park Song.


Circle of the Year – 2020
+ Grass Mosaic + The Handsworth Park Song


Public artwork  in Handsworth Park Birmingham. Materials: Brazilian slate, etched sandblasted and painted. Center space open for members of the public to create temporary chalk drawn artworks & notices on.  Surrounded by a mosaic based on grasses & reeds growing around the lake. Handsworth Park song written to be sung by children & local community groups at events in the park (

                                      Autumn Reflections 2019
Perspex mirror on a wooden frame, reflecting the changing of the seasons in the foliage above, &  hand made juniper berries  hung in the trees .


Dr Seuss inspired Flower 2018
A Dr Seuss inspired flower created after leading reading and drawing workshops in the park with local children. A temporary installation, designed to be interactive and playful,  created from a free standing punch bag, so that the flower could be bent down either side & bounce back.

The Owl & the Pussy Cat 2016-17

UV OwlCommissioned by Wild in Art for The Big Hoot Owl trail to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital – owl on the front, cat on the back. Hand painted in ultraviolet paint to be vibrant in daylight and to glow at night.


Scylla Magda –  Selected Video & Audio Visual Artworks 2006 – 2016

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