In 2017 Crafting Community was formed,  to develop folk arts and craft based activities and public artworks in our local community of Handsworth.

A not for profit organisation, Crafting-Community developed from previous activities between 2015-2017   delivered by local artist Scylla Magda, who went on to initiate Crafting-Community in collaboration with local nature artist, Forest School practitioner and community gardener Eleanor Hoad.

Crafting-Community is made up not only of the artist members who deliver workshops, but by the participants, who by taking part are also contributing members of our local ‘ crafting community’.


Above: Handsworth Park Illuminations  2020 Produced by Crafting Community.   Lighting, ultraviolet flowers & butterflies by Scylla Magda, Lunar moths and draggon fly by Sophie Handy, lanterns by members of HP Forest School

Above: after the Big Hoot Owl flew away to raise money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the concrete base was left behind so Scylla  decided  to ‘beautify the plinth’ by designing a mosaic around the sides based on the grasses and leaves found around the lake . After this she created and curated a series of temporary artworks on the plinth over the next three years for the  Handsworth Park Arts Trail, before designing a permanent artwork ‘Circle of The Year’, an engraved design on a slate slab showing the seasons, equinoxes and solstices, with the center left open for chalk drawings and nature art by members of the public.

Below: Autumn Reflections & Winter Snowman mosiac by Scylla Magda, ‘Handsworth Park Beautifull All Year Round” vinyl print by Karoline Rerrie.

Above: Willow owl by Ildiko Wu Wei Nagy , nest by Alex

Dr Zeus Flower + reading / drawing workshops by Scylla Magda

Simmer Down Festival Craft Tent 2018 -19
Workshops delivered by Crafting-Community recycled tin can shakers/drums, harmonograph drawing, mask making and jangles& bangles , +s Hattie (flag making) , & Claudette & Alex (potato printed bags), &face painting by Sarah’s Parlour.