Crafting Community (

In 2017 a new  group Crafting Community has been formed, to continue to develop folk arts and craft based activities in our local community. This continues on from the previous activities archived in this section which took place between 2015-2017 & which were instigated / project managed by AVA / local artist Scylla Magda, who has now initiated Crafting Community.


June 2017 – Our first project: Crafting Community members working on creating a mosaic design for the plinth in Handsworth Park. Grasses and leaves found around the lake were used in the design idea, in order to create an artwork that looks natural and organic, enabling the plinth to blend in with it’s surroundings.

Testing out the design  to see how it will look ..grouting next

July 2017: And here we are – all four sides completed!

Grass Mosaic by Crafting Community. Designed by local park artist Scylla Magda with additional contributing mosaic artists Sophie, Claudette, Juliet, Jane , Eleanor & Hattie (+ grouting assistance by Bob).

Commissioned by Handsworth Creative / HPAT as a part of  Handsworth Park Arts Trail 2017 – 2019.

A further 8 temporary artworks on the plinth over this period will be curated & project managed by Scylla Magda.


October 2017  “Handsworth Park – Beautiful All Year Round” a second, temporary artwork on the plinth by Karolin Rerrie. Screen print on vinyl. Plinth curated by Scylla Magda for HPAT 2018.



Autumn Sun Catcher by Scylla Magda

Winter Snowman (2017) . Created by members of our local crafting community. Plinth curated by Scylla Magda for HPAT 2018.

Spring 2018 – Baby Owl in Nest . Created by members of our local crafting community together with lead artist ILdiko Nagy. Plinth curated by Scylla Magda for HPAT 2018.

Summer 2018 Dr Seuss Inspired Flower. Drawing and reading workshops were held in Handworth Park where local children looked at Dr Seuss books before drawing their own ideas for a ‘Dr Seuss inspired flower” Theses drawng were exhiited in the Boathouse cafe, & artist Scylla Magda used them as additional inspiration to created her own Dr Seuss inspired flower for  a temoorary installation on the lakeside plinth.Plinth curated by Scylla Magda for HPAT 2018.