Watt’s Orbit


Documentation of Watt’s Orbit 2016.
From Jan 2017 please visit the new dedicated Watts Orbit website here:



A Transcendental Tribute To James Watt
“A mesmeric experience – the ghosts have been released from the machine!”





The Watt’s Orbit project will be further developed in the years leading up to Watt’s Bicentenary in 2019, including  touring of the installation to selected locations around  the country. Organisations / venues interested in partnering with us, please get in touch
Crofton Beam Engines
Papplewick Pumping Station
Bobby Bird
Birmingham Frequencies  / Polar Sequences
Museum of Science and Industry
 James Watt
Mathew Bolton
Soho Manufactory

“The separate condenser changed the steam engine from a crude and inefficient machine into one that became the mainstay of the industrial revolution”. (article )

“It’s typical of Brum that the modern world was invented in Handsworth and nobody knows about it” Steven Knight

Audience Responses


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