Audience Responses

A selection of quotes from audience members who gave us feedback after the Watt’s Orbit was premiered at St Mary’s Church Handsworth, 29/10/2016:

Mesmeric experience – the ghosts have been released from the machine!
Rebeka Tolley, Film Director, Coventry

Excellent work, great to hear the engines in an artistic context
Ashley Smart, Director Papplewick Pumping Station, Northamptonshire

Thank you for the fantastic sounds today. I love machines – their sounds and motions, and to be virtually placed inside one was a wonderful experience. The sounds moved very sensitively and appropriately to the subject matter, and the musical shape worked beautifully – easing us in to a long (but with variation) meditation, bringing us out again subtly..
Sarah Farmer, Artist / Musician

I really enjoyed the piece, thank-you for inviting me to the event.
Trevor Mathieson Sound Designer / Digital Artist, London. (Black Audio Film Collective / Dubmorphology)

Thank you for putting on such a special event. It was especially wonderful because I’ve worked at Papplewick …. to hear it all in such astounding beautifully orchestrated clarity was wonderful. The candles, warmth and cups of tea in the church made it a completely beautiful experience……  A unique Birmingham moment.
Sarah Miah, Curator, Birmingham

Like the film ‘Fantastic Voyage’ – but through a steam engine!
Patrick Faulkner, Lecturer at City College Birmingham

Location Location’! Love it! Many thanks.
Daryl Georgio, Artist & Lecture in Media Arts, Coventry University

I really enjoyed it thank you. …very interesting rhythms.
Lekan Babalola, Jazz percussionist / musician

Watt’s Orbit – one of the most moving performances – up there with the best of them.Feel like I was caressed on sea of Myrmidons with the jolly green giant stomping around.
Nic Bliss.  Head of Policy for the Confederation of Co-operative Housing

A world class event.
Joseph Potts, Film Maker, Birmingham

Amazing, I have been thinking about it so much since. Incredible images created in my mind
Eleanor Vale, Director Loudmouth Theatre, Birmingham.

What an incredible sound installation, the sounds, the bass, the atmosphere, the precise composition, the visuals, the journey! A meeting of minds of two geniuses and an industrial sound bathing roller coaster!
Soesen Edan, Sound Therapist, The Musery

Thanks again to everyone involved in setting this up, the sound quality was fantastic – beyond the beyond – Bobby’ Bird’s composition was one of the best pieces he has done, really moving
Mark Harris, Musician.

A new experience for me. I FELT the water and the steam, and I thought the coal would cover me as it came down the chute – I had to open my eyes to make sure its wasn’t really happening!
Sue Ahmed, local resident.

I felt as though I was inside the engine! The sound circling me, and with the amazing acoustics of St Mary’s made it a truly wonderful immersive experience. Thank you.
Cherrelle, local resident.

Brilliant surround sound, amazing bass. Great evening, thanks to all concerned
Mike, local resident

Amazing! The sound felt like it moved around the whole space and under my feet. I feel inspired to visit the Pumping Stations.
Tonia, local resident

I’d like it to hear it all over again, I could have listened to it for hours ..time seemed to disappear and I became lost in it.
Audience member

I thought I heard the footsteps of a giant, walking around the space.
Audience member

It was amazing, especially  the feeling of being surrounded / immersed in huge quantities of water, without getting wet!”
Eleanor, local resident

Totally exceeded my expectations
Audience member

Special to hear these sounds in this space. Congratulations.
Audience member

That was a very mediative experience.
Audience member

Meditational, Mesmeric, epic – an incredible journey ..

A truly wonderful immersive experience
It took me to other worlds.
Audience member