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Sound Mapping of The Park 07/08/16

Come and listen to the sounds of the park, which have been recorded in Handsworth Park over the past few months by local sound artist Bobby Bird, together with some young recording assistants, played back over an Octophonic speaker system in the park bandstand. From 2.00-6.00pm Sunday 7th July 2016

Setting up to capture the sound of a train going past, using two microphones set up approx 60 metres apart – which also provided a neat demonstration of the speed of sound.

Pleased to announce that “Handsworth Revolutions – Celebrating The Cycle of The Seasons” – a range of seasonal related arts, crafts, & activities in Handsworth Park – will begin this Sunday, with local  artists Hattie and Delith offering  free spring related craft sessions at the Sons of Rest from 2-4pm
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